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2001 Chi Phi Alumni Excellence Program
Alumni Excellence Program, a part of Chi Phi’s College of Excellence

Friday, July 22 through Sunday, July 24, 2001

Miami University – Oxford, Ohio

Chapter Advisors, Alumni Association Officers, House Corporation Directors; and Alumni Volunteers

2001 Goals
The following goals have been established for this year’s College of Excellence:

  • To identify and embrace the core values of the Chi Phi Fraternity;

  • To develop leadership skills for the benefit of the individual and his chapter;

  • To foster an atmosphere of peer exchange;

  • To attract and involve alumni as role models and faculty;

  • To develop alumni leaders and reaffirm Brotherhood as a lifelong commitment;

  • To preserve the purpose and integrity of the Chi Phi ritual;

  • To conduct a fun, safe and incident-free College.

The College of Excellence (COE) is deemed by many to be the premier annual event of our Fraternity and represents the ultimate Chi Phi leadership education experience.  Since 1988, over 1800 undergraduate and alumni leaders have taken advantage of the training and development offered at the COE. 

The College of Excellence consists of a five-day intensive leadership development program designed to enhance the operations of the Fraternity’s chapters, colonies, alumni associations, house corporations and individual members.  The COE has been recognized by the North-American Interfraternity Conference as one of the most effective leadership training programs in the fraternity world.  The program, in more general terms, focuses on leadership, motivational, fraternal and societal topics of relevance to the success of our members and the leaders of the Chi Phi Fraternity. 

Alumni Excellence Program
Why should the undergraduates have all the fun?  The Alumni Excellence Program (AEP) is designed for any alumnus who wishes to:

  • enhance his business skills;
  • improve his ability to support our undergraduate members;
  • learn more about how to effectively serve our alumni members ;
  • network with other brothers involved in alumni roles; and
  • devote two-days to Chi Phi renewing the bonds of brotherhood – having fun and sharing the richness and values of the Fraternity.

Topics of the AEP include:

Roles & Responsibilities of Alumni –  Understand how alumni members can be more than just a source of money, but also a valuable human resource serving as a mentor to undergraduate members and as an association/house corporation officer;

Effective Alumni Organizations –  Learn how to effectively run alumni associations, house Corporations and Chi Phi clubs like a well-oiled machine;

Ritual –  Re-experience and participate in Chi Phi’s ancient ritual with the Fraternity’s Ritualistic Counselor John Giannetti;

Skills & Networking –  Hone your leadership and communication skills and increase your network of brothers and business associates;

Current Issues –  Delve into the issues facing our undergraduate members today and how if affects our future as a Fraternity.

The registration fee of $300 includes all AEP meetings and activities, housing and meals. 

Payment may be made by check (personal or chapter), money order, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express).  All registration fees must be paid in full prior to the start of the AEP.

Housing & Meals
Housing costs are included in the registration fee.  All leaders, alumni, faculty and staff will be housed in residence halls on the Miami campus.  You will be assigned a roommate from another chapter by the national office.  All meals are also included in the registration fee.

Registration Procedure
1.  Complete a separate registration form for each attendee.  A form has been enclosed.  Please make additional copies if needed.

2.  If paying by check, make it payable for the total amount due to the Chi Phi Fraternity. If you are writing one check to cover your entire delegation, please mail it together along with all registration forms.  If paying by credit card, include your card number and expiration date on the registration form.

3.  Mail or fax the registration forms to:

Chi Phi Fraternity
850 Indian Trail Road, NW
Lilburn, GA 30047
(404) 237-5090 fax

If attendees realize they will not be able to attend AEP, they are encouraged to find another brother or new member to attend in his place.  For those individuals who have paid in advance but cancel prior to June 30, the following refund policy applies:

Cancellations prior to May 31:  100% refund
Cancellations prior to June 15:  75% refund
Cancellations prior to June 30:  50% refund
Cancellations after June 30:  no refund

Arrival & Departure Times
All AEP delegates are expected to arrive Friday morning by 11:00 a.m.  Registration will begin at 8:00a.m. on July 22nd and continue until 12:00 noon. 

COE/AEP activities are scheduled through 12:30 pm on Sunday.  In order to allow for dormitory checkout and travel to the airport, you should not make any reservations for flights departing before 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 24.

Airport Shuttle
A shuttle will be provide from Cincinnati airport to the Miami University campus.  You can catch the shuttle outside the baggage claim area.  It will depart from the airport on Friday, July 22st at 9:00a.m. and 11:00 a.m.  More information will be included with your registration confirmation.

Dress Code
The dress code for most of the sessions is casual.  We do ask the undergraduate attendees to wear only collared shirts and nice shorts (no cutoffs).  T-shirts are permitted only for the Chi Phi Olympics.

Alcohol & Substance Free Program
In an effort to maximize the learning opportunity available to all attendees, the College of Excellence and the Alumni Excellence Program is an alcohol- and substance-free program.  By attending, participants agree not to bring, use nor consume alcohol or other drugs during the program’s entirety.   Leaders will be asked to sign a Statement of Shared Expectations prior to the start of COE indicating their commitment to maintain an alcohol- and substance-free environment and to confront any challenges to that environment.  Any violation of these expectations will result in the immediate dismissal of the participant from the COE at his own expense.

Need to Know More?
If you have any questions regarding the 2001 Chi Phi Alumni Excellence Program, contact Jeff Velis at (313) 510-7114 or via email at